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Our conceptual model of STE[A]M includes:


  • The belief that the arts connect, communicate, and break down barriers, opening windows to the world.


  • STE[A]M as the Art of thinking and making ideas, performances, and other Artifacts, using tools (Technology), while applying Science knowledge, Mathematical reasoning, and design practices (Engineering) in a coordinated manner so that each STE[A]M component complements the others.


  • The inclusion of Arts practices--Creating, Presenting, Responding, and Connecting-- in the teaching, learning, and assessment of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

  • The development of the creative competencies necessary to persuasively communicate understanding.


  • Less emphasis on teacher-telling what is "right" or "known" and more time devoted to collaborative, creative, authentic problem solving, project-based learning, and performance based assessments. 


  • The belief that arts integration practices should become an integral part of a school’s STEM education program and curriculum as well as science teacher preparation.









Teams of Teachers working in COMMUNITY TOGETHER to cross-train one another to CREATE curriculum that is transdisciplinary, inclusive, and empowering.


So, what is this thing called STEAM?


Getting to "Know" STEAM: Visual Arts Applications

"STEAM PBL" Action Research:  Kids Teaching Flood Resilience

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